We are seeking reliable and enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors to help us grow our online platform.

MILLIONS.CO is a platform that allows athletes to connect with their audience through video products and custom / exclusive merchandise. Join us in creating the world's biggest online mall for premium athlete merchandise, and the world's biggest second screen live stream and Ask-Me-Anything network.

Brand Ambassadors Role:

As a MILLIONS brand ambassador, your job is to recruit athletes onto the platform and/or promote all Athletes' products on MILLIONS.CO once they have gone live.


  • Athlete Referral Bonus (see below)
  • 10% commission on referred revenue

Athlete Referral Payments

Share your unique link with athletes. If they sign up with your link, you earn a referral bonus! The amount is dependent on their highest social following on: IG/FB/SC/Twitter/TikTok/Youtube*(note that it's not accumulative following. It's the highest following from any one of their socials)
1000 - 10,000: $50
10,000 - 25,000: $100
25,000 - 100,000: $150
100K+: $200

Ongoing Commision:

10% Commission on any referred sales on MILLIONS.CO

Once you've referred an athlete, you can use your same unique URL to promote them, and promote anyone on MILLIONS.CO, to sports fans. Any promoted sales with your link will earn you 10% commission.


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Professional athletes will have their merch products available on their MILLIONS.CO profiles. Not only will there be a core line of products, but each athlete will have limited edition merch drops available at times.

Customers can ask their favorite athlete anything. Athletes will respond with a selfie video answering questions about:

  • Event predictions: Who’s going to win and how?
  • Training Tips: How do they train for their sport and why?
  • The Journey: How they got where they’re at?
  • Anything (That the athlete chooses to answer)
Now fans can watch events and get exclusive behind the scenes looks with their favorite athletes. WatchStreams allows athletes to host paid watch parties and run paid live-streams of any interesting moments of their career. Join them behind the scenes on training, their upcoming fight or game, or live Q&As.

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Brand Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruit athletes and promote profiles.
  • Generate and share social content to promote athlete pages & products
  • Use social platforms to promote page and products
  • Reply to online discussion and promote the athletes page

Brand Ambassador Requirements and Qualifications

  • Love of sports and athletics. Desire to build a thriving online community
  • Strong working knowledge of social media platforms and products
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Engaging, outgoing, approachable personality

Training Program:

Each Brand Ambassador will work closely with their Ambassador Manager to:

  • Learn about new campaigns and incentives,
  • Receive regular updates about our new athletes and gyms,
  • Have regular calls/meetings to share tactics and strategies,
  • Receive marketing collateral, and methods training,
  • Receive tips and tricks on landing your next referral.

How To Apply

Signing up is easy, apply here to join the MILLIONS Ambassador Program:


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