MILLIONS.co is a social commerce platform, and is a leader in live-streams and podcasts for sports. The platform allows sporting personas and athletes to save time and money and easily build a brand along their channel to leverage their fanbase to make money - whether they have 1000 fans or 1 million fans.

We make it easy, and free to thousands of personas in all sports. We cater to collegiate, professional, elite, and alumni athletes, as well as broadcasters and podcasters in the industry. Once set up on our platform, our team assists in marketing to fans to help them leverage and grow their channel in addition to growing PR, their NIL, and Revenue.

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Stream What You Want, When You Want

On MILLIONS, our athlete hosts and creators have the freedom to stream it all. Whether it’s hosting a live WatchParty for a major game, launching your own podcast, or video game streaming, MILLIONS empowers and supports athletes and sports creators to create the type of content that they want. 

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Transform game days into unforgettable experiences! Host live WatchParties on MILLIONS and bring fans together in real-time to celebrate victories, share insights, and build a community around the sports events you love. From major championships to personal favorites, turn every match into a social celebration with your unique perspective.

Earn Lucrative
Brand Partnerships

Earn Lucrative
Brand Partnerships

Sponsors are eager to collaborate with you, but navigating the path to a successful partnership can be challenging. They want to make sure you’re the right fit for their brand, while it’s time-consuming and costly for you to deliver what they want.

At MILLIONS, we streamline sponsorship opportunities; our platform’s Smart-Match technology ensures you’re the right fit for the sponsor and helps you deliver an outstanding partnership without the usual complexities.

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Why Be A Creator On MILLIONS?

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We help market your event by promoting your content across the MILLIONS network

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We offer design services for posters and marketing assets

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Technical Support

We provide technical support for set up and during your stream

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We provide merch designs and handle inventory

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Content Creation

We produce videos for event promotion (pre and post-event)

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Customer Support

We offer customer service to help you in supporting your fans

See What Brands & Athletes
Have Done on MILLIONS

Hundreds of brands trust MILLIONS to connect them with talent for their campaigns, whether it be for appearances, online collaborations, sponsored streams, or partnerships.

Joe Montana

for Gold Bar Whiskey

Olivia Elliott

for Lacoste

Steve Weatherford

for LUCRA Sports

Bi Nguyen

for Nike

Grant Dawson

for Body Armor

Tomas Nido

for Cada Dia Tequila

Amanda Ruller

for Subway

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