A New Frontier of Sports Media and Audience Engagement

A New Frontier of Sports Media and Audience Engagement

MILLIONS is a cutting-edge platform that integrates video, podcasting, streaming, and social commerce, specifically tailored for the sports industry. It empowers brands to collaborate with the world’s most influential athletes and sports creators on their campaigns, while also offering a unique space for audience engagement and interaction.

From insightful podcasts to immersive live stream experiences like WatchParties, MILLIONS stands as the central hub for athlete-driven discussions and fan engagement and can be leveraged by brands for advertising opportunities. By leveraging unparalleled access to athletes and a variety of content formats, brands can establish authentic connections with fans, thereby enhancing engagement and cultivating brand loyalty.

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Supporting and Working With The Biggest Associations and Talent Agencies In The World

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How Can You Advertise on MILLIONS?

MILLIONS streamlines advertising with sports talent, making it easy to get matched with and book the right talent for your campaigns. Our service ensures a tailored partnership for your specific needs, from meeting brand goals to achieving marketing or event objectives. Our technology and media platform further assist in exceeding your goals, helping the talent leverage their full following and by amplifying to our network of 100+ social communities and 150+ sports channels and podcasts on the platform.

Social Collabs & UGC Content

Athletes serve as powerful influencers. By crafting customized, creative scripts and matching you with sports influencers whose followers align with your target demographic, MILLIONS can help create and coordinate bespoke digital content and social media campaigns with athletes.

You can choose whether you're just looking for authentic UGC content creation for your own promotional use, or for this content to be delivered directly from athletes' social accounts as hyper-targeted messages to engage the right audience, positioning your brand, product, and message at the forefront of conversations.

Over 5000 Athletes From All Sports & Career Levels

MILLIONS has a network of over 5000 athletes from collegiate, professional and alumni levels. No matter what sport or level of influence you’re looking for, we have the right talent for your brand! 

Why Advertise on MILLIONS?

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Full Service & Tailored Partnerships

Finding the right talent is tough, but coordinating your campaign with talent is even more difficult. MILLIONS makes it a seamless end-to-end experience. Each campaign or booking done with MILLIONS comes with a full-service support ensuring all campaign deliverables are provided, and goals are achieved. For every marketing campaign MILLIONS supports you with, our team and platform will help produce content with talent, ensure impressions and assets, and guarantee on-time deliverables.

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Measurable Success & Campaign Analytics

Detailed campaign reporting and tracking is provided by the MILLIONS team. We'll provide you a tailored way to measure your campaign to keep track of everything you need to measure success.

  • Delivered impressions, traceable traffic, and engagement metrics
  • Demographic insights and viewership analytics
  • Results from engagement surveys and brand affinity studies

MILLIONS makes it easy to measure results no matter what the deliverables are that you need.

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