What is MILLIONS for Athletes?

MILLIONS is a unique platform built to help athletes make money and grow their brand and following. We combine the world’s best technologies to offer athletes a ton of value to build their brand, channel, and following through several products and services - no matter what stage of career you’re at. The best part, it's completely FREE for athletes!

What is MILLIONSfor Fans?

MILLIONS is the ultimate platform for sports fans to connect, interact, and support their favorite athletes, providing a unique and immersive experience. Follow your favorite athletes to interact with them through Streams, Personal Videos, Merch and Limited Edition Memorabilia, Experiences, Content, and more!

What is MILLIONS for Brands & Advertisers?

Brands and advertisers can now connect with fans through their favorite athletes; the OG influencers! With seamless creation of authentic product content and the ability to book athletes for content campaigns, social media collaborations, and appearances, brands can get in front of millions of fans and reach their target audience in a unique and effective way.
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What is MILLIONSfor Gyms and PPV Sports Events?

MILLIONS.co offers gyms a range of benefits, including an e-commerce solution for merchandise and custom products. It also enables gyms to sell training experiences virtually or in-person, host personal video Q&As with trainers, and most importantly, offer PPV live streams of your events, and offer exclusive content like instructional videos.
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What is MILLIONS for Creators, Streamers, Podcasts?

MILLIONS is the premier social commerce platform for athletes and sports creators to build their own content channel to connect with fans and brands to maximize their earnings beyond their sport

Our platform supports you end-to-end with marketing, production, and promotion.
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